Eleventh -Twelfth Grade Math – Exploring the Possibilities


We would love to have you stay and do Calculus with us, but WHY, when you can get CLEP or AP credit for taking it through Modern States, or MIT, or Davidson?

Modern States, assessible in the Advanced Placement and College Credit area of the Video and PDF Access, offers several classes.

We think it would be cool if you earned some College Math Credit.

Your choices as of July 27, 2023 are as follows.

From Modern States – CLEP Credit for:

College Algebra
College Math

From MIT:
Calculus 1-2-3

From Davidson:
AP Calculus BC

Pick your class and go for it.
Remember, it doesn’t cost anything, except, possibly for the test that earns you credit. Even that, and more, Modern States will pay for.
Remember, you can get your whole first year done for very little $ investment. Just remember to put in your time and invest yourself in some excellent learning!