ECED 2-3: Age 2-3, Parts 1 & 2

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This is the fourth and final of the Early Childhood Education offerings, Preschool is next. In this course, there is a transition to more skills and activities, and also more required resources as the parent continues on the path of optimizing his child’s development.

The course includes: Opening Devotional, Book of Mormon and Other Scriptures, Language Arts, Music, Art, and Dance.

This year we divide the lessons and activities into sections as follows: Individual & Family Success Skills – which are Personal & Family Habits, and the Lessons Proper – Opening Exercises, Religion, Language Arts, Music Part One – Singing & Rhythm, Slow & Steady, Art, Music Part Two – Rhythm & Dance, and Closing Exercises.

The Individual & Family Success Habits are found after the preliminaries in the Part 1 download. All the other curriculum subjects are conveniently combined into ONE, week-by-week Lesson Grid in the Part 2 Download.

– The internationally acclaimed SLOW and STEADY text, $25.25 at amazon. A carry-over from previous years. (4th Edition)
– A number of music CDs or access to the same music on youtube. (Most carry-overs from previous years.)
– The Church Scripture storybooks. (Also a carry-over from the previous year.)
– A subscription to the Friend
– Three Kumon beginning skill books: Let’s Fold; Let’s Sticker and Paste, More Sticker and Paste.
– Nursery Time 1 – Finch Family Games – File Folder Games
– A Reboundaire rebounder(Optional, but highly recommended from hereon out through the remainder of the courses and beyond. A wonderful tool for physical fitness, health, and exercise.)
Cost is dependent upon the model you buy, begins at $310.00. Very much worth the investment. Persons who rebound (trampoline) are much more fit, much healthier, and do better academically.

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