ECED 1-2: The Second Year

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Help your 1 year old develop his physical, mental, social, and emotional capabilities to the fullest. Take advantage of the exercises and activities offered in this course.

This is the third course in the Early Childhood Education Series of Courses from Beehive LDS Schooling, LLC. and www. ascentadvantageacademy .com.

It covers the second year of your child’s life, from his first to his second birthday, or from 1 to 2 years of age.

If you just found us, we suggest that you go back and read through the “Preconception to Birth” – Level 0 and also “Birth to 1” – Level 1. We ask this because there is much in those courses that is of worth and pertains not only to this present year – Ages 1 to 2, but also to the remainder of yours and your child’s lives. So, please go back and pick-up the wisdom that’s there.

After, perusing the above courses,
• Read through the previous activities for Age 0-1 to assure that your young one can do them.
• Read and digest, pages 55 to 57 in the text about Age 1 to 2.
• Scan through the first few weeks of lessons to assure that you have on hand the required materials.

The main two are –
1 – Slow and Steady: Get Me Ready for Kindergarten – 260 Activities To Do With Your Child From Age 0 to 5, by June R. Oberlander & Hannah J. Oberlander Knecht, M. ED. $25.25 on
EDITION 4 (This is one of the best books in its field, an INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED text, and is best bought new. Be sure you purchase the 4th Edition. Why? In ordering used, at least on amazon, you can end-up with the wrong edition – a hassle you don’t need. Plus, you will be using the book for three to five years, so buying new is a good investment.)
2 – The Mozart Effect for Children, by Don Campbell (Available from amazon for $12.06) It includes many, many hints and helps in the area of stimulating the brain and the use of
music in doing so.

Additional resources are mostly musical CD’s available for purchase or listening to on youtube. Also needed are the four Church Scripture Storybooks available from Deseret Book or CHurch Distribution or the online store.

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