ECED 0-1: The First Year

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A tremendously valuable course for the new parent. Reviews the first year of life and helps the parent know what to do to more fully develop the child’s mental, physical, social and emotional capabilities.

_____The Mozart Effect for Children – $12.06 at Amazon
_____Slow and Steady: Get Me Ready for Kindergarten – 260 Activities To Do With Your Child From Age 0 to 5, by June R. Oberlander and Hannah J. Oberlander Knecht, M. ED. $18.28 on

SLOW AND STEADY IS AN INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED TEXT containing 260 weekly Early Childhood Developmental and Educational Activities. (This item is best bought new. Please be sure you purchase the 4th Edition. Why? There are four editions of this book and in ordering used, at least on amazon, you can end-up with the wrong edition – a hassle you don’t need. Plus, you will be using the book for three to five years, so new is a good investment. Thank You.)

____Also advisable when your baby comes – 3 CDS:
– Mozart for NewBorns CD – on Youtube at
– Mozart for Babies CDs, Vol. I – Available via –
– Mozart for Babies CDs, Vol. II. – Available via –

Mozart for Babies CDs, Vol. I – Available via

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