Science 8 – Discovering Design through Earth Science

PDF, Book, and Videos – PDF will be available. We do not yet have a date as to when the video lessons will be ready.

This 8th grade course is based on Discovering Design through Earth Science by Dr. Jay Wile. The text is available from for $59.00. The Test and Answer Booklet is another $10.00 and highly recommended. Since the student is working by himself, the Test and Answer Booklet is good way for him to check his knowledge. Also available is a course Kit, another $70.00, but worth it if the student needs laboratory sciences where he expects to attend college.

Basic Concepts
Crust of the Earth
Motion in the Lithosphere
Fossils in Rocks
Interpreting the Geological Record
Uniformitarianism VS Catastrophism
Water and the Hydrosphere
More on the Hydrosphere
The Atmosphere
Weather, Pt 1 & 2
Earth’s Solar System
Earth’s Solar System and the Universe

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