Deluxe Math Series = Level 1- College

The Deluxe Math Series is a blend of Miquon And Life of Fred with a bit of Mrs. K’s math added for good measure.

Level 1, The Miquon series consists of 6 workbooks, a volume of LAB SHEET ANNOTATIONS, and a set or two of Cuisenaire Rods. These take the child into several concepts, equipping him or her well for the Life of Fred Series. Cost of Miquon is about $110.00. Rods and the Lab Sheet Annotations are reusable. New workbooks must be bought for succeeding children.

Life of Fred presumes the child knows his numbers and can count to 10. Miquon satisfies that and more, as with Miquon the child is taught to THINK which is a must with Life of Fred. This
series goes from the 2nd Level all the way through Calculus and Statistics, as well as several College level courses.

Life of Fred for Elementary consists of 10 books with 16-27 lessons each, called Apples through Jelly Beans. Each is about $20.00. It takes a full year to accomplish, these first 10 book, plus the first of the “transition” books, called “Kidneys” in the 2nd Level.

For the 3rd Level, Life of Fred expands into the 2nd & 3rd transition books: Liver and Mineshaft, and the two volume Fractions, and Decimals and Percent.

The fourth level expands into Pre-Algebra, particularly using applications in the areas of physics, biology, and economics.

Level 5 is Algebra. Level 6 is Algebra II. Levels 7 & 8 are Geometry and Trigonometry. In Level 9 we insert Consumer and Small Business Math from the AAA curriculum, then return to Life of Fred for Level 10, Statistics, and Levels 11 & 12 – Calculus – a 2 year college course. Life of Fred also has further books in the college level area, plus logic.

We support these courses with syllabi and scheduling, as well as additional helps, hints, activities, and occasional video lessons. Life of Fred is supposed to be a math that the student discovers on his own. That is what makes it so great. However, at times, we all need a bit o help or guidance.

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