Dance 7 – Line Dancing 1 – Online


Dance 7: Line Dancing 1

The high school dance curriculum moves in two directions. One is social dance; the other is country dance. Yes, Country Dancing IS social dancing, – it’s just not the waltz, fox trot, cha cha and samba! The first two years are dedicated to Country Dancing – Line Dancing in particular. Then, we move into Social Dance where students also learn two version of the Swing Dance. Finally, we offer the Two Step.

• To learn the nine Line Dancing Steps taught in Part 1.
• To learn the ten Line Dances taught in Part One.
• To be able to complete the Low Impact Aerobic portion in which the ten Line Dances taught at this level are followed in quick succession, making for a terrific workout.

• Line Dance Lessons on DVD from amazon. $22.99
• DVD player
• Dance area
• Family or friends who also want to learn (You CAN do this on your own, it is just more fun doing it with others.)
• Notebook.

Course Format:
• Daily lessons – four days a week – 36 weeks
• Short, repetitive sessions.