Dance 7 B: About Dance

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Ages 12 & up with an interest in the history of dance.

The course is for those who wish to know more about dance and is strictly academic in nature.

Topics: Dance from early Greeks, Africa, Folk, Japanese, Social, Jazz, Ballet to the
20th & 21st Centuries. Also the Dance on the screen, in technique, choreography, notation,
collaboration among the arts, costume design, dance and light, dance-music & theater, and
dance criticism. May be taken any year of the high school experience. Counts for Fine Arts

• To learn more about Dance.
• To outline each chapter of the text.
• To complete a summary term-type research report on the subject.

• The Dance Experience, (3rd Ed.) by Nadel & Strauss, $31.77 at amazon, less used.
• Composition book for outlining.

Course Format:
• Text portions are assigned by the week. This allows for the student to manage his
own study schedule and thus better prepare for college life.
• 36 Weekly assignments.
• 34 Assignments require outlining of the text.
• 2 Require writing a report that touches upon each portion of the text.
• Submit to parent or Ascent Advantage Academy for grading.

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