Dance 6: All Time Favorites 2

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Ages 11-12 & up.

Covers the last four dances in the All Time Favorites CD, introduced i Dance 5, plus other Dances in the Everybody Dance CD, $13.73 at amazon.

This dance course introduces nine dances.

The four dances from the Level 5 CD are:
• The Hora
• Mexican Hat Dance
• The Congo
• The Alley Cat

The five dances from the EVERYBODY DANCE CD are:
• Hot, Hot, Hot
• Y.M.C.A.
• Shout
• La Bamba
• The Locomotion

Gather your family, friends, neighbors, church, or homeschool group and have some fun learning these and getting your exercise, too. Next to walking for 45-60 minutes a day, dancing is touted as the best form of exercise!

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