Dance 1 – Multicultural Fun – Online


PDF, CD & Guidebook, Rhythm Sticks, Bean Bags, Parachute – Ages: Eleentaty

This course allows for additional experiences working with rhythm sticks, bean bags and parachutes, as well as introducing the eight cultural dances.

• Learn the nine cultural dances: Polly Wooly Doodle; Brazilian Carnival; Italian Tarantella; Yolanda; The French Musician; Carousel; Irish Jig; Troika; Greek Zorba Dance.
• Learn the bean bag activities: African Drum Circle; Kangaroo Hop; Diwalifestival of Lights.
• Learn the rhythm stick activities: Calypso; Zum Gali Gali; Hansel and Gretel Polka.
• Learn the parachute activities (optional): Hoki Hoki/Inga Waga; Chinese New Year Dancing Dragon; Skater’s Waltz; He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.
• Conduct a Multicultural Activity Review for friends, neighbors, relatives and family.

• Multicultural Movement Fun, $15.95 at amazon. Contains the CD and guidebook.
• Rhythm sticks, by Rhythm Band $8.90 or Basic Beat $8.20
• Bean Bags, Adorox Set of 24 – $9.69 or make your own.
• Parachute – Check-out sizes 6′, 12′ and 20′ Prices $12.00 – $50.00 DO NOT PURCHASE until you look at the instructions that come with the CD and you know how many will be participating – or, again, make your own.
• CD player
• Room for the activities
• Friends, family or homeschool group with whom to participate.

Course Format:
• One lesson a week for each of 36 weeks or more, if desired.
• Three dances, one rhythm stick and one bean bag activity are introduced each five weeks, with 3 additional weeks to practice.
• The next four weeks are spent practicing your favorites for the Review –
• three dances
• one bean bag activity
• one rhythm stick activity.
• The next four weeks are spent learning the Parachute activities if desired.
• The last four weeks are spent practicing and preparing for the review.