Dance 1: (K-4/5) Multi-Cultural Movement Fun

Now Available PDF and CD

This 36 week course, especially designed for the Kindergarten crowd, includes:
– Learning eight Cultural Dances
– Activities with Rhythm Sticks
– Activities with Bean Bags
– Activities with Parachutes
A Organization of a year-end event displaying what has been learned.

While most activities in this course can be accomplished by a single family, or single parent and student, some, especially those using the parachute may require the addition of one or two more families. This is a good learning experience/activity for a young homeschooling group.

Required supplies:
– Multicultural Movement & Fun CD & Guidebook $15.95
– Rhythm Sticks by Rhythm Band or Basic Beat around $8.90
– Bean Bags – Adorox Set of 24 for $9.69 or make your own,
– Parachute – Check-out sizes 6′, 12′ and 20′. DO NOT ORDER until you check out the instructions in the Guidebook that comes with the CD and until you know how many will be participating. Prices range from $12.00 to $50.00.

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