Dance 0 – Moving to Music for Ages 3 & 4 – Online

PDF + WeeSing & Move – Ages 3 & 4 or a Bit Older or Younger!

WeeSing & Move CD & Instruction Booklet – $10.99 at amazon.

• To engage in ‘dancing’ or moving to music at least weekly.
• To learn each of the 39 activities represented on the CD.
• To have fun doing so.
• To either present a ‘dance review’ or throw a ‘dance party’ at the end of the course, highlighting six of the student’s favorite dances.

• Wee Sing and Move CD with instruction booklet. $9.87 new at amazon. We do NOT recommend buying used for this item.
• CD playing capability.
• Area to ‘dance’.
• Family, friends, homeschool group to dance with parent and student.

Course Format:
• Parent previews the song and dance movements to present to the child.
• Parent presents at least one new song and dance at each of the weekly sessions.
• Parent and students practice the new dance until fairly well mastered.
• Parent and student take the rest of the 30 minute class to review and dances introduced previously that they particularly enjoy.
• (Rebounding or walking does NOT need to occur on Dance Day. 🙂