B, D&C, PofGP 1 – Beginning Scripture Storytime with Cards


Level 1 Scripture Storybook Study of  Old Testament Stories, New Testament Stories & Doctrine and Covenants Stories with cards.


  • Companion study to Book of Mormon 1A & 1B
  • Thirty-six week, 180 lesson course covers each of the other three Scripture Storybooks published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Card sets for each book help students memorize people, places, timelines and vocabulary for each book.
  • Forty memory verses.  Some learned in ECED 3-4.
  • Law of the Church Project.


  • Some will ask:  WHY such a seemingly heavy course for ones so young – ages 4-5-6?  Why so much memory work?  Why such high expectations?  BECAUSE IT IS TOTALLY POSSIBLE.  In the Founding Era of the United States, children often learned to read and write when 4 years old.  Some had read the Bible through at age 4!  Certainly, modern children are capable of reading these  storybooks and learning the vocabulary, the people, the places, and the timelines.
  • You have heard, I am sure, that over the last 100+ years education has been “dumbed-down”?  Well, it has.  What is expected now it not what was expected of students in former years.  It is all about expectations. (Daniel Webster)  IF students are expected to learn, they will.  Scholarship and excellence can replace busy work.  You are at the forefront in this effort to return to traditional American education, Scriptural scholarship, and high expectations for our children.  Remember, young people used to be able to do this.  They can again.  All they need for for us to expect it of them and give them the time, support, and leeway they need to accomplish.


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