BOOK of MORMON 7 – Chronology

Online – Levels 7 & Up – 180 Lessons – A FAVORITE.

This course requires a Book of Mormon Marathon read before actually beginning the course work.

The student is asked to dedicate a space of time – hopefully over as few days as possible, to reading the Book of Mormon through. It is surprising what a quick read-through will produce in enlightenment and understanding of the Book’s messages.

Then, it delves into the Study Helps, that is:

1) Resource Review that teaches how to use the footnotes, Introduction and Testimonies; Book, Section, and Chapter Headings; The Index and Pronunciation Guide.

2) Chronology – Learning the dates associated with each book.

3) Learning about the compiler – Mormon.

After the Study Helps, each book is read and examined to learn:
1) About the author
2) The plot
3) Characters
4) Setting
5) Theme or themes
6) Teachings, etc

The course also includes a summary review and a final examination.

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