BOOK of MORMON 2 – Read Through: Title – Alma 19

Online – Levels 3-6 – 180 Lessons

A scheduled read of the Book of Mormon from the Title page through Alma 19.

Objective is to have the young person increase his reading fluency and understanding.

Particular emphasis is on knowing and understanding the vocabulary without which the meaning of the Scripture is vague if not hidden.

An Anecdote:
One day I happened into our Chapel as a New Testament Adult Institute class was underway. I was intrigued, wishing I had the time to join the class on a permanent basis, but my schedule did not allow it. So, I stood there listening for a few minutes.

As the class continued, I realized that there were those in the class who did not understand the meanings of the words in the Scripture passage being taught. Therefore, the instructor was, of necessity, defining the words in the Scripture. I had also been in Sunday School classes where passages were read and words mispronounced because they were not known, let along understood.

At that moment, I resolved to include vocabulary study in our Scripture classes. I wanted our students to KNOW the meanings of the words, and therefore be able to better understand the meanings of the Scriptures.

Thus, we encourage our students to look-up the meanings of all words unknown to them.

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