BOM 9 – Topical Studies with the Book of Mormon


PDF Only.  For age 11 & up.  A very worthwhile study.

  • The course has two parts.
  • Part One uses the Topical Guide and the Tripe Combination Index for a study of the members of the Godhead as given in the Book of Mormon.
  • The student selects two verses pertaining to each member of the Godhead to commit to memory.
  • The student journals his study of the Godhead, his feelings, and insights.
  • The ‘Final” for Part One consists of the student reviewing his journal entries and writing how his study of the Godhead has changed him.
  • In Part Two, the student selects topics to explore that are of special interest to him and studies these using the Topical Guide and the Index.
  • He selects six additional scripture verses on the topics he studies to commit to memory.
  • The Student also journals his feeling, insights, etc. on the topics he chooses in his course journal.
  • The Final for Part Two consists of writing an essay in his journal about what has been learned and how it has changed him.
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