BOM 7Alt – Data, Likenings, and Heroes


This is an Alternate Course to BOM 700 as both have somewhat the same content, but a different emphasis.  BOM 700 emphasizes the Chronology and writers of the various books, while BOM 7Alt emphasizes Likening the scripture to ourselves and character of selected persons highlighted in the Scripture.  BOM 7Alt could also be substituted for BOM 8 – Our Responsibilities.

It is an older course that was just recently recovered from the crash of all courses and loss of all videos that occurred in December, 2016.   We are still in the process of recovering or rewriting courses! (New safe guards and technology will prohibit such a loss again. 🙂

As an older course it sports the old course number, 500, throughout and is written in units.  It also has the Beehive Schools Online Curriculum Banner and inoperative website, email, and phone number.


  • Read through of the Book of Mormon likening the scripture to ourselves and adopting pertinent habits and characteristics.
  • Review and instruction on using the scripture helps.
  • Writing brief character sketches of selected personalities.


  • Copy of the Book of Mormon
  • Copy of the LDs version of the Bible with the Bible Dictionary, Topical Guide, etc.
  • Journal for taking notes and writing biographical sketches.
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