B, D&C, PofGP 6: The Old Testament, Part 3


For students 12 & up or really good readers.


  • Proverbs through Malachi
    • To get a sense of the overall story and message of this portion of the Old Testament.
    • Learn about the various books and selected persons.
    • Highlight passages of personal interest.
    • Journal impressions, insights, feelings, likenings.
    • Student memorizes 9 additional scripture verses or passages that have particular meaning for him.
    • Increase in vocabulary knowledge and reading ability.


    • Markable copy of the Bible
    • Scripture highlighter that does not bleed through to the back of the page.  HINT:  Colored pencils are good for this.
    • Index cards for vocabulary words, memory verses, important facts.
    • Journal for impressions, insights, etc.

    Course Requirements:

    • Highlighted copy of the Bible: Proverbs through Malachi
    • Recitation from memory of the student’s 9 personally selected scripture memory verses.
    • Memorization of important facts relating to the books read and selected persons in the books.
    • In a well-written essay, be able to give a synopsis of the contents and your insights from reading Proverbs through Malachi.
    • Memorize the books of the Old Testament in order.


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