B, D&C, PofGP 1 – Deluxe – Level 1/Preschool – Full Course Using the FOUR Church Published Scripture Story Books with Accompanying People, Timeline, Place and Vocabulary Cards


This course is intended to be used as an alternate choice to or in place of B, D&C, PofGP 1 and Book of Mormon 1 as it encompasses both courses and adds another dimension to those courses.  When using this course, the parent usually allows two days per lesson, thus making it a nearly a year round course.  It includes not only learning the persons of the particular scripture being studied, but also the places involved, the timeline, and the vocabulary.  We think this is very worthwhile, and is superior to the other two Level 1 Scripture courses.

This course is for the young student, just beginning in Level 1 – Early Elementary and combines all 4 Church published Scripture Storybooks:

  • Old Testament Stories
  • New Testament Stories
  • Book of Mormon Stories
  • Doctrine and Covenants Stories

into a full study of the contents:

  • Stories with their morals and teachings
  • People
  • Places
  • Timeline
  • Vocabulary

It is intended to give the student a great grounding in the Scriptures so that when he or she is ready to delve into the actual scriptural texts that he/she is very familiar with teachings, precepts, stories, people, place, the timelines and vocabulary of the Scriptures.


  • Copies of the four Church published Scripture Storybooks, available from either store.churchofjesuschrist.org or deseretbook.com (Approximately $4.25 each)
  • Card sets of people, timeline, vocabulary and place for each Scripture storybook (available as downloads attached to the course within the curriculum portal.)
  • A copy of the course syllabus.




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