Art 9 – Art History – Online

Senior High Level or Younger if really into Art.

To gain an overall sense of Art History and Appreciation of those paintings, sculptures, architectural renditions and photographic techniques that you personally can accept as “art”.

The Annotated Mona Lisa: A Crash Course in Art History – Prehistoric to Post Modern, by Carol Strikland, Ph.D. (Available through amazon.)
This is a great text as it covers Art History in a very succinct and systematic fashion. However, some pictures may offend as they include paintings and sculptures of nude figures.

144 General Lessons include:
125 Substantive Subject Lessons
11 Reviews – in addition to Friday Rs
1 Quiz
4 Quarterly Exams
2 Semester Exams
1 Final Exam

• To read through the text
• To take notes on and learn the periods, artists and forms
• To use your Cards or Knowledge Journal as your resource to study and to take your 7 exams.
• To pass each exam with 80% or higher.

An absolutely wonderful journey through Art History. It helps you know what you like and want to explore more.