Art 6 – Learning to Draw Well – Now Online

ART 6 – Learning to Draw Well – A Great Course for ANYONE – Age 8 & Up Who Wants to DRRAW WELL

• This course uses the Art text: Art for Kids: Drawing, available from amazon.
• There are 104 regular Art and Art Lab lessons.
◦ These labs are suspended periodically throughout the course to allow for craft projects or holiday art or more extensive practice of the techniques learned.

• To learn drawing terms, rules, and techniques
• To practice the rules and techniques.
• To grow in artistic ability.
• To have fun with the art experience and practice such.

• Course book as above and this syllabus.
• Three-ring viewbinder with sheet protectors for storing art projects.
• Art Supplies as listed in the various labs, crafts and holiday projects.

HINT: LOOK AHEAD to see what is coming-up and what you will need.
Look ahead at least four labs just in case you have to order some of the supplies.