Art 4 – Artists and Their Techniques, Part Two

  • This course uses the Art text: Art Lab for Kids, available from amazon.
  • The first unit of the book is for the parent.
  • Units Two through Six contain the 52 Art Labs.
  • These labs are suspended periodically throughout the course to allow for quarterly craft projects and four weeks for special holiday art for: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, and Easter.


  • For the student to experience 52 different art forms, techniques and media.
  • For the student to learn about the artists and their works.
  • For the student to learn four new crafts.
  • To enjoy the art experience.


  • Course book as above and this syllabus.
  • Three-ring viewbinder with sheet protectors for Art Notebook explained below.
  • 3” x 5” colored and white cards as per the Beehive Brain Box Learning System.
  • Art Supplies as listed in the various labs, crafts and holiday projects.

HINT: LOOK AHEAD to see what is coming-up and what you will need. Look ahead at least four labs just in case you have to order some of the supplies.

Course Format:

  • 144 Lesson Days
  • 104 Art Lab Days
  • 24 Craft Days
  • 16 Holiday Project Days
  • Schedule:
  • Four Day Lesson Weeks, plus Weekly Friday Rs.
  • Each section of 26 Art Lab Lessons is followed by 6 days allotted to a Craft Project.
  • Holiday allotments. These may be used near the holiday:
  • Halloween – 1
  • Thanksgiving – 2
  • Christmas – 3
  • Valentines – 1
  • Presidents’ Day – 1
  • Easter – 2
  • Mothers’ Day – 1
  • Father’s Day – 1
  • 4th of July – 2
  • 24th of July – 2
  • Final involves being able to identify artists and their works, plus the technique.
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