Art 301 – Craftville, Part I

Now Available – PDF Only

Companion With 302.  Suitable for Ages 8 & Up

An Assortment of Exciting and Worthwhile Crafts

from Which to Choose to Satisfy a Hunger to Explore Crafts.

1 – The crafts listed here are ones we used to carry in our store. They are all available at The pictures are slow in loading, so, please be patient.

2 – They have varying age and skill requirements. Before making a final decision, please consult the write-up on amazon. Thank you.

3 – We feature Crafts in the Art Curriculum because we want our students not only to have fun, but also to explore a wide variety of crafts to be able to determine their interests and perhaps their talents.

4 – Peruse these pages, and THOSE IN Craftville 302, Part Two – the 2nd half of the list – then choose one or more projects that you would like to do.

5 – Find a dud or a winner, PLEASE let us know. Thank you.

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