Art 2 – Tech 1 – Drawing and Writing about Animals – Now Online

PDF Syllabus, plus Book, and online Typing Club.

Teaches Drawing, Typing, and Story Writing.

This course covers drawing caricatures of animals both by tracing and freehand using basic shapes as guides. It also involves writing stories about the caricatures drawn.

• To learn how to trace.
• To learn how to see basic shapes in a shape you wish to draw.
• To learn how to draw bit by bit can create a finished picture.
• To have fun using one’s own caricatures of animals to tell a story.
• To increase small motor agility and skill.
• To create ‘families’ of pictures and tell their stories.
• To review the color wheel, tint and hue, etc.

Materials List:
• Drawing Animals Shape by Shape: Create Cartoon Animals with Circles,
Squares, Rectangles & Triangles by Christopher Hart. $14.95 @ amazon.
• Pad of tracing paper
• Pencils
• Erasers
• Colored Pencils – minimum of 12 pack
• Pack of Copy paper – a Ream – 500 sheets.
• Scissors
• Black Marker
• Paste or glue stick
• Stapler
• Typing Club enrollment and daily practice to be able to type your stories. Club Address:
• Course download.

Course Format:
As children of this age like art and like to be creative, both in artistic expression and in storytelling, we have expanded the usual art time to four lessons a week. This includes the typing club portion.
• 4 Introductory Lessons with 10 minutes of typing club practice.
• 53 Drawing practices with 10 minutes of typing club practice.
• 87 Story Creation Lessons

Lesson Formats:

• Introductory Lessons
◦ Become familiar with the course and practice drawing the basic shapes.
◦ Spend 10 minutes minimum in typing club practice.

• Drawing Practices – Averages two animals per lesson.
◦ Practice stage drawing the animals assigned. Color as you like and draw
freehand variations.
◦ Practice 10 minutes minimum on typingclub.

• Story Creation Lessons –
◦ Nine, 8 lesson units; one final project 15 lesson unit.
◦ Plan out your story using at least two animals from the designated unit.
◦ Type your story.
◦ Make the necessary drawing for your story.
◦ Color your drawings.
◦ Cut and paste your drawings and story into a storybook.
◦ Be sure to include a cover page with a typed title and a cover illustration.