Art 1 – Basic Skills – Online

Loads of Fun, Exploration, and Art Know-How for the 5-6 year old. Original PDF. Check Syllabus for Needed Supplies.

Lessons 1-15
 Preparing to Finger Paint
 Making Finger Paint
 Learning the Primary Colors Red, Yellow and Blue
 Learning Curves, Circles, Straight Lines
 Learning the meanings of “quad” and “lateral”
 Learning Quadrilaterals: Squares and Rectangles.
 Learning the meaning of “tri” and “angle” and the triangle.

Lessons 16-30
 Learning the Secondary Colors
 Learning to Mix the Secondary Colors
 Learning two more Quadrilaterals: Diamond and Rectangle
 Learning the Oval shape.

Lessons 31-45
• Learning the Color Wheel

Lessons 46-62
 Learning about Hues, Tints and Shades
 Studies in Black and White
 Learning about Blacks, Whites, and Grays

Lessons 63–75
 Cutting Accurately

Lessons 76-90
 Learning to Color with Crayons
 Coloring within the lines
 Creating effects with separated, light color
 Creating effects with dense, shiny, saturated color

Lessons 91-105
 Learning to Paint with Water Colors
 Painting within the lines
 Creating effects with light color
 Creating effects with denser color

Lessons 106-120
 Learning to Make Designs with Shapes – Includes Mosaics

Lessons 121–135
 Learn the few elements or shapes that make-up the art world
 Use these shapes and designs to create art.

Lessons 136–145
 Using the Basic Elements of Shape to create art.
Lessons 146–150
 Basic forms in Clay

Lessons 151 – 165
 Learning to make various animals and figures in clay

Lessons 166–180
 Working in finger paints, water colors, designs and clay to create personal pieces of
 Review of Shapes and Art Card Sets to pass-off the Assessment.