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Science, done correctly, enlightens the mind and leads it into continuous inquiry. Today, the old science of the last 100+ years is being challenged by the new, with new insights and ideas. Come along on the journey as we examine both the old, traditional science and the new, Millennial science. What makes more sense to you? Or, does it make any sense at all? These courses help you think from an eternal perspective.

Here you can listen to the author and hear and see for yourself. Warning – you might get excited! Also, the full presentation is 1 hour 26 minutes. If you don’t have time now, come back when you do! ENJOY! (Unit Directory follow the film.)

Unit 0 – Unit Directory

The Listing of the Units in the Science curriculum will appear shortly. 9-2-2022 Updated 9-9-2022

Unit 0 – Introduction with the Units Directory for the Science Courses
Unit 0-A – Understanding Science
Unit 1 – Brain Gym: A Set of 26 Exercises Scientifically Proven to Increase Mental and Physical Performance; also Helps Alleviate STRESS and ANXIETY.
This is a perpetual unit, meaning that students should use the information and exercises here on a perpetual basis. It is recommended that student avail themselves of the benefits of this unit while also working in an additional unit.
Unit 2 – Taking Care of Ourselves – Health One
Unit 3 – Practical Earth Science – Gardening, Foods & Nutrition 1
Unit 4 – Chemistry 101 – Making Safe and Economical Cleaners, Potions, and Mixes – Christmas Gifts Anyone?
Unit 5 –

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