About History

History is a fascinating subject which, if you do not know it, you are bound to repeat it! Lack of historical knowledge is one of the causes of our country’s woes at present.

When you learn REAL HISTORY, you learn the truth, and the TRUTH can make you free – if you honor it and share it.

Watch the recommended clip from Monumental as an example.

Unit 0 – Unit Directory – Unit Topics will appear shortly 9-2-2022

Unit 1 – Pre-Mortal History: We Are All Brothers & Sisters, Children of God
Unit 2 – Pre-History through Peleg and the Tower
Unit 3 – Ancient History Overview to the Time of Christ
Unit 4 – History Overview Since the Time of Christ
Unit 5 – Out Time in History
Unit 6 – Personal and Family History
Unit 7 – Local History – Township, City, County or Parish, State
Unit 8 – My Country’s History
Sub-Unit 8A – Outline for study of a Country’s History
Sub-Unit 8B – History of the United States of America and Why It Matters
Units 9-36 – Blended with Geography Units to systematically cover the history of Countries, Peoples, and Continents

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