This subject area combines all the rules of English, plus the true, and fascinating story of how mankind learned to read and write.

It is delivered, in major portion in LA CONVENTIONS 1 & 2, and continued throughout LA CONVENTIONS 3-6.

At the end of Level 6, beginning of Level 7, each student is assessed as to his progress in mastering the Conventions of English. Each student must demonstrate Mastery to a satisfactory level before he/she can commence with upper division studies in LANGUAGE ARTS LITERATURE & SPECIAL TOPICS.

LANGUAGE ARTS CONVENTIONS is taught on an individual basis as we have developed a hierarchy of knowledge and skills, thereby creating an incremental approach to English Language Mastery.

We begin at the beginning and require learning to mastery at each step. In this way, nothing is overlooked, forgotten, or left-out. Your student receives a complete education in the Rules and Conventions of English.

* How Mankind Learned to Read and Write
* God’s Purposes in Mankind Learning to Read & Write
* The Story of Language
* Learn to Help Others Learn
* Alphabet Letters
* Phonics – Beginning & Advanced
* Handwriting – Print & Cursive
* The 3,000 Most Common Words
* Syllabication Rules
* Accent Rules
* Spelling Rules
* Grammar and Grammar Rules
* Rules of Punctuation
* Rules of Capitalization
* Basic Types and Features of Literature
* Sentence Components
* Types of Sentences and Sentence Structure
* Synonyms, Homonyms, Antonyms
* Greek and Latin Roots
* Suffixes, Prefixes
* Basic Figures of Speech & Literary Devices
* Paragraph Construction
* The Writing Process
* Friendly Written Correspondence
* Business Correspondence
* Composition of Reports, Essays, Short Stories, Poetry and More
* Connotations, Denotations, Analogies
* Dictionary and Thesaurus Usage
* Research Skills and Safety
* Safe Library Use
* Safe Internet Use
* Manners in Speech: In Person, On the Phone, On the Internet
* Keyboarding/Typing-Formatting Mastery
* Use of the Computer and Internet in Various Aspects to Create and Submit Work
* Filling-out Forms
* and more.

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