Welcome to Ascent Advantage Academy Geography/History and Government/Economics courses.

In the courses, we emphasize real history in that we include the “prehistory” as recorded in the Scriptures, and other ancient manuscripts, plus the providence of God throughout history.

We especially cover the miracles wrought during the Founding Era that allowed the United States to come into existence and for us to live free and independent under the inspired Constitution.

In Government, we begin with governance of one’s self, and learn what good government looks like on several levels, culminating in a deep-dive study of the Constitution and our God-given rights under it.

Economics emphasizes personal financial literacy and the concepts of Austrian Economics.

The courses are divided into three rotations.

Levels 1 & 2 are specifically for children 7 and younger and contain 90 lessons. Level 1 is taught in the Fall of even years and Level 2 is taught in the Fall of odd years.

Levels 3-6 boast four courses: Old World Geography and History; New World Geography and History, US Geography & History, and Government & Economics. These are taught in a four year rotation, 2022-2023 being Government & Economics. These are designated “JR.” versions.

The “SR.” versions of the above four courses are high school level and are on the same four year rotation.

Levels 11 & 12 cover Readings in American History and Readings in World History, respectively.

Level 13 examines The American Covenant, the two-volume work, by Timothy Ballard.

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