Government 2 – Introduction to The Declaration and the Constitution

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The Declaration of Independence, along with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are what is known as the Charter of Freedom, or the founding documents of our government.

It is important for young persons to understand the principles contained within the Charter documents.

We begin our instruction with the Declaration.

In this course, the young student will learn the background and history of the Declaration, as well as memorizing an important part of the document.

Then, he will progress to learning the background story of the Constitution and memorize its Preamble.

• To learn the reasons for the Declaration of Independence & Constitution
• To learn the history surrounding the Declaration & Constitution
• To learn the Preambles to the Declaration and the Constitution

• Downloads Government 2 & 2 Resource
• Texts: The Declaration of Independence (A True Book), by Elaine Landau, available at amazon for $6.95 new; used copies available for less. Also: We the People, The Story of Our Constitution, by Lynne Cheney, available at amazon for $6.69 new; used copies available for less.
• Cards & supplies for the Beehive Brain Box Learning System. (Study Skills 2)

Course Format:

Declaration –
• 20 Basic Lessons
• 4 Ancillary Lessons
• 10 Memorization Sessions
• 10 Reviews
• 1 Final

Constitution –
• 15 Basic Lessons
• 6 Memorization Lessons
• 6 Review Lessons
• 2 Final Lessons

Lesson Format:
• Review Cards.
• Look up and card any bold words – the vocabulary, definitions on page 46.
• Read the selection.
• Card questions and answers in each lesson.
• Work on learning the facts.
• Lesson duration – 5 to 15 minutes

Lesson Grid:
• Is set-up for a fifteen week; 74 day course. (Three weeks short of a semester.)
• Lesson particulars are in the grid.
• Follow the Lesson Format immediately above.

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