History IV: Upper Elementary Second Course in World and US History

Video, PDF & Book PDF online by August 12 – Details this year’s Online Academy course with pertinent dates. Videos will be published shortly after (Within 2 school days) each lesson presentation.

History+ IV: History IV is divided into two semesters.

The first semester is concentrated on World History – a recap of History III, with some additions and then covering the time period from the Fall of Rome through present day.

The second semester concentrates on US History, brief recap, especially of the Constitution, and then examines each time period and Presidential term to the present.

In this course students are again expected to write out answers to questions for each day’s reading, writing their own “Journal History of the World, Part Two” or “Journal History of the United States, Part Two”.

They are also expected to be able to pass weekly reviews.

Semester I:

We renew our journey through World History beginning with a look at the Byzantine Empire, and the state of the Christian Church, focusing for a bit on the worldwide Apostasy.

We will visit the Arab world, the Vikings, Anglo-Saxon England, the Holy Roman Empire, the lives of Kings, Nobles, Knights, and Peasants, the rise of towns and trade, the Roman Catholic Church, the Celts, the rise of Burgundy, and several wars.

We will continue our view of the world in the Medieval Period by considering the Monguls, the Turks, kingdoms of Eastern Europe, and the rise of Russia.

Events centering in Africa, India, Southeast Asia, China, and Japan, will lead us into the time of the explorers. We will learn of the Native North Americans, the Aztecs, Mayans and Toltecs, Empires of the Andes and Pacific Islanders.

We will return to Europe just in time to learn of art, the Renaissance, new inventions and ideas, especially those pertaining to navigation and the printing press. Finally, we will learn of voyages of discovery, particularly Christopher Columbus, the prophecy of his voyage in the Book of Mormon, and his confirmation that indeed the ‘Spirit of the Lord” led him.

An added plus is the use of the book, “A Child Through Time”, which covers many previously studied civilizations as well as the ones covered in this course.

Semester II:

We will begin the second look at United States history through the prophetic lens of Nephi in I Nephi, chapters 13 and 14 in the Book of Mormon. We will continually reference those verses, as well as Ether 2:11 and 12 to determine how the country and its people are measuring up to the Lord’s requirements.

The story of the United States will continue with the trip of George Washington from Mount Vernon to New York to be sworn in as the very First President of United States under the Constitution. We learn of his acknowledgment and dependency on the help of God.

Thereafter, we examine the Federalist years, expansion westward, the War of 1812, arts, religious happenings, and reform movements- including the organization and rise of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the second westward movement: Manifest Destiny.

We will watch as the nation tears itself apart over state’s rights and slavery, fights a war, and reunites in the era of Reconstruction. We will learn about the country’s Centennial and the third westward movement in “The Settling of the West”, including the railroad, and Indian Wars and resettlements.

We will examine America’s Industrial Age, the Progressive Era, America Coming of Age as a world power, The Golden Decade – or was it, and the Depression that followed, as well as an era of almost unabated wars – WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War and conflicts in the Middle East. We will also note the cultural changes in the decades of the 1900’s and their dilatory effects upon the people and the country at large.

Finally, we will take a look at the new millennia with its terrorism, further cultural changes and lost direction, ending with the open question – “What now?” How is America doing, considering the history of the land and people, and the judgment decreed by God upon the land?

All of this will be accomplished through reading of the texts, lectures, video presentations, guest speakers, Journaling answers to given questions, using Scriptures, the works of noted scholars, texts depicting parts of American history, and the “Spine Texts” for this, the previous, and the following two levels of History. ALso, we will use the Tuttle Twins series by Connor Boyack to help us discuss the question for the last month of the course: America, What now?

“Spine Texts” are texts used as a basis and a beginning of knowledge. In this case, they are especially suited to exciting the interest of elementary students in history due to their illustrative and chronological formats. The “Spine Text” for World History is The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History with Internet Links. It costs about $40.00, but for four years of use is somewhat of a bargain. The “Spine Text” for United States History is American History: A Visual Encyclopedia by David C. King, published by DK and the Smithsonian. Cost is about $16.00, and an excellent bargain for four years of use! Neither text is required at the beginning of their respective semesters, so you have time to budget in your purchases.

A Child Through Time retails for $16.00 on amazon. The Tuttle Twins series contains 12 short, well-conceived and illustrated books of approximately 50 pages each, each detailing some aspect of government, economics, education, or society in general. The cost is about $97.00 unless you find them on sale. They are available at www.tuttletwins.com.

Other items required for the course are 1) printing of selected maps which you may wish to enhance with colored pencils, and 2) access to Ascent and other videos.

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