Language Arts 4 – Advanced Reading and Writing through Children’s Literature II

  • This course zeros in on vocabulary expansion and reading fluency through the reading of Children’s literature.
  • Spelling reviews the rules as well as the new vocabulary words encountered in the reading.
  • Texts include:  Boys Who Became Prophets – Purchase through amazon
  • and Everyday Graces: A Child’s Book of Good Manners by Karen Santorum  – Purchase through Amazon
  • Different types of speeches, reports and writing are also introduced.
  • Grammar and mechanics are reviewed to keep the rules and conventions fresh.
  • Special attention is given to analyzing and writing non-fiction.
  • Membership in the John A. Widstoe reading Club – Reading 30 minutes a day.
  • Spanish course 2.

The latter text is used for two years, levels 3 & 4, in the Ascent Advantage reading Program as it contains a wealth of excellent literature from all over the world and of many types and genres. It has many excerpts from larger works and is intended to also wet the appetite for the a full reading of the entire works.

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