0 Top of Each Grade: Success Skills A & More – Online


Foundational to True Academic and Life Success – Long Term Retention of Learning and Building of Christlike Character

Success Skills A – The 5 Basic Habits – at the top of the Subject Page within the Video & PDF Access
– The Church commissioned a study several years ago to find what helped keep young people remain active in the Church throughout their lives. The findings were the habits of PERSONAL DAILY PRAYER and PERSONAL DAILY SCRIPTURE STUDY. Since we have been instructed in the scriptures to prayer continually, we have included the habits of Personal Daily Prayer Morning and Night. Since we have been asked to read from the Book of Mormon Daily and another Scripture daily, we include the Habits of reading from each, each day. Finally, since Service was added to the fourfold mission of the Church under President Monson, we added Daily Service as the 5th Basic Habit as it helps us to keep in the mode or develop the mindset of Christlike service to others. Thus, these habits help us not only stay active in the Church, but help mold us and shape us into Christlike persons.

Orientation to Learning – After The 5 Basic Habits
– Is instruction and Help for the Home School Parent. It’s that important. Learn how to assure your child’s success, and your success, too! Listen to the video lessons and then DO the Learning Readiness Testing. Teach the Beehive Brain Box Learning System. Make sure you and yours get the right amount of sleep at the right time so that your minds and bodies can be invigorated. And, learn why in our day the Word of Wisdom is so very important. Also, learn how to grow a success attitude in your child. GGOOD STUFF. That is why it is at the top of every grade. We don’t want anyone to miss these lessons.

Orientation to Learning Addendum – Two Ways to Test Learning
– #1 Here we talk about the Beehive Brain Box Learning System as an assessment tool to determine if a student has learned what he or she should have learned in a particular lesson or unit or course. Simply use the cards to quiz the student. IF the student passes 85% or above, he or she passes. If not, more studying and committing facts, ideas, and concepts to memory must happen before the lesson, unit, or course can be passed-off. Plus, YOU KNOW and the STUDENT KNOWS what he missed and what he still needs to study. It takes a bit of time on the part of the parent, but, hey, that is good parent-son or parent-daughter time.

– #2 The second way to assess is through accessing a PDF Quiz or Test, printing it, and having the student take it. Then, you have to match it to the answer sheet. I don’t know about you, but I feel the card system is superior as it touches upon everything a student should know for a lesson, unit, or course and it doesn’t take resources in paper, ink, equipment, and energy – yours or the electric meter’s.