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Student Information / Registration Form

I, parent/guardian of the above named student do hereby enroll him/her in the Ascent Advantage Academy Online School. I understand that by doing so I am obligated to pay monthly tuition of either $125.00 (One hundred and twenty-five dollars) for a student age 5-11 years old or $250.00 (Two hundred and fifty dollars) for a student age 12 & up commencing on the date below and continuing on or by the 5th of each month thereafter through the end of the current school year calendar ending the last day of May.

I further agree to purchase required educational materials, Course syllabii, books and other supplies necessary for my student’s individualized program. I further understand that tuition covers instruction in up to fourteen subjects as follows: up to 144 lessons in Opening Exercises, Scripture Study, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science; up to 36 lessons in Gospel Living, Theater, Financial Literacy, Art, TECK (Technology, Engineering, Computers & Keyboarding), Health & Fitness, and Music; plus one Student Choice elective when tuition is current.

Ascent Advantage Academy will, in consideration of my payment of the tuition and purchasing of the necessary syllabii, books and other needed supplies:

  1. – Contact me to learn a bit about my student and set-up a Testing appointment.
  2. – Test my student as to his knowledge and skill in English and mathematics,
  3. – Analyze the results of the testing,
  4. – Conference with my student and me to discuss the testing results, to determine the needs and interests of my student, and my wishes for his/her program. Together, with my student and me, develop an education program individualized for my student.
  5. - Finalize the program and report back to me what courses, syllabi, books and other materials my student will need.
  6. – If this is my student’s his first enrollment, send him the following 3 PDF Courses: Healthy Foundations, Study Helps, and Opening Exercises.
  7. - If applicable, send my student’s curriculum materials via email and/or USPS media mail,
  8. – Upon learning from me that my student’s course materials have arrived, my student’s instructors will make appointments with me and/or my student, to introduce themselves, the courses they are teaching, and what they expect of my student. They will also ask what my student wants out of their courses.

In addition:

  1. – My student’s instructors will hold set ‘office hours’ when my student may contact them for help and will assign, correct, give commentary and helpful suggestions on his/her work.
  2. – My student’s instructors, at appropriate times in each course, will reward Certificates of Achievement and Certificates of Completion to my student.
  3. – The Academy will enroll my student in the John A. Widstoe Reading Club which requires the student to at first be read to and then to read 30 minutes a day and includes a weekly online meeting with other students and instructors to discuss books read.
  4. – The Academy Administration will endeavor to conduct a Monthly Parent-Staff Check-in with me to determine how things are going, what’s working, what isn’t, and make any necessary adjustments to my student’s program.
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