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(We wish to turn no one away: If you require a multi-student discount or a partial scholarship, call (435) 773-3766
Trades are also possible.)

Class Time

Elementary Classes:
9-11:25 AM, Monday–Friday

Junior & Senior High School:
12-2:25 PM. Monday-Friday


2020-21: Sept 1 – June 11
2021-22: Sept 1 – May 26


Labor Day
Fall Break – Oct. 14-15
Thanksgiving WED-FRI
Christmas – 2 Weeks
Martin Luther King Day
Presidents’ Day
Spring Break – 1 Week
Easter Weekend – FRI-MON

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Questions and Interesting Facts

1. Do the students have homework?

Yes! Work is assigned for off-line time as it is well known that repetition is required for learning.

2. Are you accredited?

No. It is not necessary for grades 1-8. Our graduates take and pass the GED, which is equivalent to a high school diploma.

3. How do your students rank on tests?

We only tested our students once. They scored in the 96th percentile in Math and the 92 percentile in Reading. Generally speaking, schools that acknowledge God score 2 to 4 years ahead of their public counterparts.

What teaching methods do you use?

1 – Science has found that the brain learns in 20 minute increments. Therefore, our classes are mostly 20 minutes in length.

2 – We teach our students Study and Success Skills which help them to improve their scholastic performance.

3 – We use tried and true proven pedagogical practices: teaching principles, periodic and repetition and review until a fact becomes automatic.

4 – We also work to have a relaxed atmosphere in which there are no stigmas concerning academic level or accomplishment: everyone is simply in progress. This allows those who might otherwise be “up-tight,’ and could not perform well in that condition to actually blossom.

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