Student Information & Sign-Up Form for the LIVE ONLINE ACADEMY


hereby apply to register said student in the Ascent Advantage Academy Online program.

Live Online School Tuition Contract

between Ascent Advantage Academy, a dba of Beehive LDS Schooling, LLC. and

Said parent agrees to pay Ascent Advantage Academy a monthly tuition of $180.00 (One Hundred Eighty and no/100 dollars) in consideration of Ascent Advantage Academy providing educational services. Said parent agrees to pay the monthly tuition as a recurring payment through PayPal on the 1st 5th 10th of the month. (Choose the 1st, 5th, or 1oth.)


Subjects taught in the live online school include: Scriptures, Success and Study Skills, Language Arts, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science, and Health & Fitness plus such other subjects as they become available. Language Arts and Math will be customized to the student’s individual needs.


If it should become necessary for me to withdraw my student, I understand that my tuition obligation is as follows:
I understand that no refund will be given of any paid tuition, nor will any refund be given for any part of the month during which the student is withdrawn. In addition, I acknowledge that my card will be charge an additional $180.00, (One hundred eighty and no/100 dollars) as a withdrawal fee. I further acknowledge that after the withdrawal fee is paid, I have no further tuition payment obligations.


We ask that parents or legal guardians complete the STUDENT CHARACTER AFFIDAVIT to help us assure the maintenance of uplifting, moral behavior in our Ascent Advantage Academy ONLINE LIVE CLASSES.

the student, do warrant that heretofore my student has been of good character and that he or he is of no threat to the physical, or spiritual-mental-emotional safety, morals and well-being of other students, or the staff associated with the Online Ascent Advantage Academy program.

I warrant that my student:
• is not a user of illegal drugs nor a user of alcoholic beverages;
• is not violent and is not taking any medication which may alter his or her mind, inducing violent or erratic behavior;
• is of decent moral character and that he or she dresses modestly and speaks modestly.
• lives the standards of Ascent Advantage Academy as expressed in the pamphlet, “For the Strength of Youth,” published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I also agree to immediately apprise the Academy if any of the above warrants are no longer true and

Should any of my above warrants prove false, and due to my falsifying this affidavit should the above named student cause impairment to any student or staff member of the Online Ascent Advantage Academy program, I agree to immediately pay damages of $10,000.00 (Ten Thousand and no/100 dollars) to Beehive LDS Schooling, LLC. These damages are in addition to any others the court may judge I owe to persons or entities involved. I assume full financial responsibility to repair and rectify said damage.


So we may serve you better, please state the outcomes you wish to achieve by placing your student in the Ascent Advantage Academy Online Program. THANK YOU.

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