Constitution Day, 2020 -
"John" a man from the Founding Era visited our virtual classroom and taught students all over the country about the Miracles of the Founding Era and especially the Constitution. Kudos to John for a super presentation. A video of this event will be posted as soon at it is ready. Stay tuned!

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Shout out to Homeschoolers & Others who want to know the truth of American history. Three books we HIGHLY recommend: In God We Trust: Stories of Faith in American History; and Miracles in American History, Vols I & II. ...

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Why are we having such unrest in our country? Let's refer to Abraham Lincoln: "...the philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next." As Latter-day Saints we have been warned over many years of the problems with the schools, starting with Joseph Smith!. We need to educate our youth in homeschools or private schools. Investigate what is being taught in the public, secularized schools. Ask your children what they are learning. Take a stand for the future of the country by educating your children according to YOUR philosophy. ...

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Yesterday I heard horror stories about what is happening to our kids in the public schools because of the mask mandate. Kids on playgrounds in 100 degree plus weather, water fountains turned-off, locked doors so they can't re-enter the building until it is time, kids getting sick due to mask-wearing, etc. Honestly, if we as parents treated our kids like this, Social Services would be at our doors to take them away. Maybe, just maybe it's time to take our kids away from the schools. ...

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Is Your Child Struggling?

So, if your child is struggling, bring him in for a ‘Get Acquainted and Diagnostic Interview’. It’s FREE. What if your child needs some diversion this summer, a bit of time to keep skills sharp, or wants to experience a new art, craft or subject area? Whatever your...

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Fill-In the Holes, Stay Sharp & Learn Something New

Summer Sessions Start JUNE 3. In case you missed it,… uh,ha… well, sometimes our kids do miss something and need a bit of help in finding out just what it was they missed, so they can fill-in the hole and continue on to get a good education. Sometimes, not filling-in...

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