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Ascent Advantage Academy
Instructional Services:

1 – Access to the Video and PDF Classes
2 – Counseling with the Parents and Student to determine the student’s courses of study and starting levels
3 – Setting-up of a Class and Assignment Schedule
4 – Receiving, Correcting, and Returning Assignments
5 – Reporting to the Parent Weekly on Student Activity and Progress
6 – Issuance of Certificates of Achievement, Certificates of Completion, as well as Grade Reports
7 – Invitation to Special LIVE ONLINE ACADEMY Programs (Guest Speakers, etc.)

What We Offer

• A Good, Faith-Based Education
• A Safe, Home School, Family-Like Environment.
• Small Classes
• Caring, Experienced Instructors.

Better Retention

Our Beehive Brain Box Learning System and Learning Journals teach our students the cardinal principles of learning and retention of learning.

Why 2 1/2 Hour Sessions?

Science has found that the brain learns in 20 Minute increments. Therefore, our classes are 25 minutes long.

We have held 25-minute classes since 2004 and we have found that students in the shorter classes outperform those in longer classes.


Personalized curriculum

Students’ English and Math is customized to their individual levels.

Better performance

Brain Integrating Exercises and Our Learning Strategies combine to create outstanding performance.

An Emphasis on Traditional Values

God, Family, Country, Service, Self-Reliance, – and Scholarship

What we Teach


Through the Daily Devotionals, Scriptures from Come Follow Me, Learning to Discern the Principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in All Subjects, and Applying Those Principles in Our Lives.



Study and Success Skills, including Brain Performance Enhancing Exercises; Language Arts Conventions, and Special Topics such as Literature, Journalism, Speech, Debate, Recognizing Propaganda, and World Languages (as instructors are available); Mathematics; History with Geography, Economics and Civics; Sciences; Practical and Fine Arts.

Our Curriculum begins with encouraging families to partake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ Come Follow Me program which studies one book of scripture – the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, or Doctrine and Covenants each year.

We support this program by discussing and memorizing one scripture weekly from the previous week’s Come Follow Me lesson, thus reinforcing what has been taught both at Church and in the Home.

Our Curriculum contains 12 levels of the 7 other core subjects: Language Arts, Mathematics, Family Life, Arts, and History, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, History with Geography, Government & Economics; Sciences, and Fine Arts – Art, Dance, Drama and Music”

Academy Schedule

2022 – 2023

Begins – Thursday, Aug. 11th
Ends – Thursday, May 25th

2 Sessions Daily,
Monday thru Friday

AM – Ages 6-12, 9 AM – 11:30 AM
PM – Ages 12-16, 12:30 PM – 3:00 PM


Labor Day – September 5th
Fall Break – October 13th-14th
Thanksgiving Recess – November 23-28
Christmas Holiday December 22 – January 4
Martine Luther King Day – January 16
Presidents’ Day – February 20
Spring Break – March 11-20
Easter Recess – April 7-10

tutoring school

What Do I Need?


List of required Materials:

  • Textbooks
  • Supplies for courses

Questions and Interesting Facts

1. Do the students have homework?

Yes! Work is assigned for off-line time as it is well known that repetition is required for learning.

2. Are you accredited?

No. It is not necessary for grades 1-8. Our graduates take and pass the GED, which is equivalent to a high school diploma.

3. How do your students rank on tests?

We only tested our students once. They scored in the 96th percentile in Math and the 92 percentile in Reading. Generally speaking, schools that acknowledge God score 2 to 4 years ahead of their public counterparts.

What teaching methods do you use?

1 – Science has found that the brain learns in 20-minute increments. Therefore, our classes are mostly 25 minutes in length.

2 – We teach our students Study and Success Skills which help them to improve their scholastic performance.

3 – We use tried and true pedagogical practices – principles, periodic repetition, emotional anchoring, and periodic review.

4 – We also work to have a relaxed atmosphere in which there are no stigmas concerning academic level or accomplishment: everyone is simply in progress. This allows those who might otherwise be ‘up-tight,’ and could not perform well in that condition to actually blossom.

Enroll Today – Limited Room Available

Call (435) 773-3766 and set up an Enrollment Interview Today:

  • Students must be of good character. Parents must sign an affidavit to that effect.
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