Please fill out this Student Information & Sign-Up Form.

Student Information & Sign-Up Form for


hereby apply to register said student in the Ascent Advantage Academy RECORDED CLASSES Option.


between Ascent Advantage Academy, a dba of Beehive LDS Schooling, LLC. and


Said parent hereby agrees to pay Ascent Advantage Academy a monthly tuition of $180.00 (One Hundred and Eighty and no/100_dollars) in consideration of Ascent Advantage Academy providing instructional educational services as follow:

1 – Access to the Video and PDF Classes;

2 - Counseling with the Parents and Student to determine the student’s courses of study and starting levels;

3 – Setting-up of a Class and Assignment Schedule;

4 – Receiving, Correcting, and Returning Assignments;

5 – Reporting to the Parent Weekly on Student Activity and Progress;

6 - Issuance of Certificates of Achievement, Certificates of Completion, as well as Grade Reports ,
For recurring monthly payments, I prefer for my card or paypal account to be charged on the 1, 5, or 10 of the month.

I understand that the monthly tuition will be charged to my credit card or PayPal account on a monthly basis until I notify Ascent Advantage Academy that I no longer wish to engage their educational services.

Subjects taught in the Recorded Courses Option include: Scripture
Study, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Sciences – History,
Geography, Government, Economics, Financial Literacy, Family Life,
Arts, and History, Sciences, and Fine Arts. The student will have 24/7
access to the online curriculum.


If it should become necessary for me to withdraw my student, I understand that my tuition
obligation is as follows:

  1. I understand that no refund will be given of any paid tuition, nor will any refund be given
    for any part of the month during which the student is withdrawn. I further acknowledge that
    after withdrawal, I have no further tuition payment obligations.

High School Only

I understand that the Ascent Advantage Academy program offers my student an individualized, faith-promoting, academically rich, college preparatory education which results in the awarding of the Ascent Academy Diploma and a transcript of work done and grades received. The Ascent Advantage Academy Diploma requires 32 credits and may include work done at other schools as well as LDS Seminaries. I further understand that the Ascent Advantage Academy high school program is not at present accredited. I understand that at the present time my student cannot receive a regionally accredited diploma through Ascent Advantage Academy and high school credits earned at the Academy may not transfer to another school. I further understand that for my student to fully earn the Ascent Advantage Academy Diploma he/she must pass the GED and be granted a high school diploma thereby.

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