To be effective, education must be practical, it must be character building, and most importantly, it must point the way to Eternal Life. To further these goals, the Curriculum for our three programs – St. George in-person classes, in-person Online Academy classes, and the Video & PDF homeschool classes are being revised and correlated. Correlation means that the Curriculum will be the same for each subject for each level for all three programs. For example, those in Level Three in each program will all be studying the Life Sciences.

These changes will take place in the late Spring and Summer of 2022. All Language Arts Conventions courses and Mathematics courses will be redone by August 11th, the start of the new school year. This is especially important since students are place in these courses dependent upon their current abilities. As Language Arts Literature and Special Topics Courses, as well as History+ and Science courses are normally taught in a two-year rotation with half of the courses taught each year, we will prepare the odd-numbered courses for use in the 2022-2023 school year.

A sampling of what will be available will shortly be published on the Homeschool/Curriculum page of the Ascent Advantage Academy website.

Old courses that do not pertain to the upgrade are being removed. IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY USING A PARTICULAR COURSE, PLEASE TEXT THE ADMINISTRATION at 435-773-7736 giving the subject, level, and title of the course and your expected completion date. Thus, we will retain it for your use until the date you specify. Thank you.