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Ascent Advantage Academy

Homeschool Curriculum • Online Private School

Our Curriculum Adheres to the values, viewpoints, and teachings of
the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Latter-day Saint Education at Ascent has a Distinct Flavor.
We think you’ll like it. It’s character-building – Serious & Fun.

Our Mission…

Is to make a positive difference in the lives of our students by:
• Offering them a distinctive & excellent Latter-day Saint based education.
• Assisting them in developing a deep and abiding testimony of Jesus Christ.
• Helping them discover their talents and missions.

latter-day saint education - why now?
our educational charter
latter-day saint education - why now?

The Foundations of Freedom

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Excellent Academics & Life Skills Instruction, plus

Life Changing Answers

Rejected by Kindergarten?

A 5 year-old-who had not been able to learn anything in two years of preschool, and who was rejected for Kindergarten by the school district, learned his numbers and letters by learning how to focus, learn, and remember. Through a strategy of card memorization techniques and braining training exercises he can now succeed.

Does Diet Really Help?

Another young woman had a very hard time learning. On most days her tests were 0-20%. Yet, occasionally, she managed a score in the 90’s and sometimes even a 100%. We watched and questioned and found that it had to do with her diet. When this was corrected and she ate nutritiously, she ALWAYS scored 90 or above on assessments. Consequently, we teach our students to eat for academic success and lifelong vitality.

ADHD can't stop him!

A bright ADHD student, who couldn’t sit down, open a book, and actually work on his math, began to improve as the support of the whole group was engaged. He learned how to study using the Ascent Advantage Academy learning strategies and went on to academic success. Even so, it was when he was taught to pray for help with his studies that he really began to blossom!

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